Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the India


07845490474 or +917845490474

Concerned commented 2021-02-16
Nasty call threatening about tax fraud and being arrested if didn’t press 1


06376884505 or +916376884505

Devarsj commented 2021-02-16
Isse presani he iska addres chiye


05524531434 or +915524531434

taner şahbaz commented 2021-02-16
A scammer extorts different amounts of money under different pretexts


04445076399 or +914445076399

TA commented 2021-02-16
Phone scammers


08978630268 or +918978630268

Sai kumar commented 2021-02-16
Beware of scams on this number. He pretends to be San Paolo and asks you to update the system.


08870824965 or +918870824965

Shambu maluk commented 2021-02-16
I would like to know if it is a holding company


08305603665 or +918305603665

Akansha commented 2021-02-16
My lover


09848136389 or +919848136389

Abhiram commented 2021-02-16
Strange phone number, not in my phone book.


08601176290 or +918601176290

Sahdev sharma commented 2021-02-16
I'm just looking for the owner of the phone number, I really need to know.


07638844395 or +917638844395

Shaan Sheikh commented 2021-02-16
Help identify who owns the phone number.


07487985768 or +917487985768

Manubhai commented 2021-02-16
My Facebook code


08838031215 or +918838031215

vidyahello commented 2021-02-16
How can I find this phone number?


09350949474 or +919350949474

Usha rani commented 2021-02-16
They are probably scammers, they call and are silent.


03148164650 or +913148164650

Noor commented 2021-02-16
They called and asked for my details. Some strange call.


08091130220 or +918091130220

govinda commented 2021-02-15
Who can I clarify the location of the phone? I want to track the phone.


07402547772 or +917402547772

G commented 2021-02-15
scam calls to the uk


07845379107 or +917845379107

Harry commented 2021-02-15
Called me.said nothing


09196181685 or +919196181685

GOWTHAM commented 2021-02-15
They call on the ads, like a thrift store, ask for the card number and password from SMS to enter the mobile bank.


09971639733 or +919971639733

Chewang commented 2021-02-15
I had a call today that i have parcel ordered.. I don't know that the call was fraud or not so in doubt i just said no didn't have ordered any parcel and the phone hang off. Leter my fb unknown foreign friend told me that was the parcel he have sent to me from UK and reached my country India. I don't have idea about foreign parcel and i can't trust unknown person or a fb friend who is from abroad can sent me parcel of full of costly gifts with just once or twice talk and he isattached with me as his sister emotionally as he told her do not have any sister... So i was trying to know about this number holder . as i can't trust blindly. Nowadays so many frauds/scam/fake calls comes to people. Lots of risk is here


09191825903 or +919191825903

yula bunt commented 2021-02-15
Harsh please call karo me nahi rah sak ti or me tera hamesa wait kaungi chachi aap believe nahi karo ge but me tere ko pura life man ti samje I love you my husband