Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the India


02087222451 or +912087222451

Sue G commented 2021-05-03
3 calls from India in the space of half an hour. Used three different numbers but all from same district in India.


09604811682 or +919604811682

Tabassum jannat moni commented 2021-05-03
I want to know who called me. This number has not been recorded in any way.


09492611403 or +919492611403

New yeqr commented 2021-05-03
I love you


09763961321 or +919763961321

Sarthak gadekar commented 2021-05-03
Live location track


08001804284 or +918001804284

Katherine Kingsman * commented 2021-05-03
I receive messages from this number, which contain information about the alleged request made by me to follow the link.


08001038877 or +918001038877

Arnold Barker * commented 2021-05-03
I got a WhatsApp call from this unknown number. He used offensive words.


08001037799 or +918001037799

Barbara * commented 2021-05-03
Going to file a complaint about empty calls ...


08001034455 or +918001034455

Roman * commented 2021-05-03
I did get a call from this number, and they worked for some real estate company. I'm not sure if this company is aware of this kind of abuse by its employees.


08001030405 or +918001030405

Adrian Owen * commented 2021-05-03
Very rude behavior on the part of the person and he interrupted my phone call when he could not solve my problem.


09398570930 or +919398570930

rogelio anis Pitulan commented 2021-05-03
Pls veify


07039431300 or +917039431300

Ajay Kumar yadav commented 2021-05-03
I am trying to get information about who is calling my grandson


07219550412 or +917219550412

Mampi commented 2021-05-03
Some Person NAmes Mampi from Maharastra


09122650523 or +919122650523

Mubashi commented 2021-05-03
This number calling evry time.evry day full disterb.this track or real .callnattented but not answer help pls


01712158942 or +911712158942

Sagor commented 2021-05-03
unknown man


09763908991 or +919763908991

Sudhakar p Ghawat commented 2021-05-03
Job at home


08948338043 or +918948338043

Guru pandey commented 2021-05-03
Sir is number se bhut call aarhe girls ko kaun hai kahan rehta hai address full name by stat mins kahan se up me plz provide me dete +918948803343


08116307527 or +918116307527

Rahul Dev Sarkar commented 2021-05-02
I want to know +918116307527 everyday outgoing and Incomeing call numbar list


08445410010 or +918445410010

Sandeep commented 2021-05-02
I want ask you , with out exam how can you select a brilliant teacher.


09190243402 or +919190243402

+919024340225 commented 2021-05-02
Who is calling from this number?


01409766254 or +911409766254

Biswas commented 2021-05-02
Seems to be fraud