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09979935700 or +919979935700

Jaydip Vadukar commented 2021-04-13
Missing Mobile


09311798996 or +919311798996

Rozar commented 2021-04-13
Fraud call offering service and holiday packages. asking for 8950/- .


09800659256 or +919800659256

±91 9800659256 commented 2021-04-12
who is calling me at night 12 AM.


03211806926 or +913211806926

Sohail commented 2021-04-12
Is it Ahmad?


09566940205 or +919566940205

Rob Skingsley commented 2021-04-12
This phone number is from a scammer in India pretending to be with Costco. very realistic, has own invoices etc. DO NOT buy anything from this number


08887093661 or +918887093661

Rohit yadav commented 2021-04-12
Phone Kaha hai


07303013816 or +917303013816

* मनोज कुमार राजौरिया commented 2021-04-12
मेरी एक फ़ेसबुक फ़्रेन्ड जो कि यूके से जिसका नाम स्टेलाा पेरिस है उसको पता है कि दिल्ली में हूँ फ़िर वह बोम्बे एयर पोर्ट पर लेन्ड हुआ है आज ही और मेरे पास छत्रपति शिवाजी एयर पोर्ट के टर्मिनल 2 के एमेग्रेशिन्ग काउटन्टर से फ़ोन आता है कि वह एमेग्रेसिन्ग में फ़न्सी हुई हैं क्यौकि उसके पास 30000 पाउंड का चेक है जो अधिक है और उसको किलियर करने के लिए 30000₹ के टैक्स के रूप में जमा कराने होंगे क्योंकि उसके पास कैस के रूप में पाउंड भी नहीं हैं, भारतीय रुपये चाहिए। इसी नम्बर से 5 हार फ़ोन आता है और ट्रू कालर पर किसी विपिन राय ट्रेडर्स का नाम शो हो रहा है न कि एयर पोर्ट ... तो मुझे यह फ़्राड ऴग रहा है!


06363719164 or +916363719164

* Paragraj commented 2021-04-12
Whose number 6363719164 is this?


07207200006 or +917207200006

Unknown commented 2021-04-12
This is Shri Radhey Radhey Trophy house number


08046614825 or +918046614825

Rajiv * commented 2021-04-12
When I’m busy with work, I don’t have time to answer phone calls, this number called me during working hours, now I can not call back to this number


08046655300 or +918046655300

Gurunath * commented 2021-04-12
This number called me every 5-7 minutes today, I think it's spam.


02928861040 or +912928861040

Pratul * commented 2021-04-12
I have a missed call a few minutes ago, I want to find out who it was?


04712555544 or +914712555544

Bhupinder * commented 2021-04-12
Very short calls, I never have time to answer, but I'm not going to call back, most likely this they want


06012341234 or +916012341234

Krishnayya * commented 2021-04-12
Strange call with the voice of a girl speaking a foreign language


08010551932 or +918010551932

Hacker commented 2021-04-12
Help me find who is the owner of the number


09173884560 or +919173884560

Shivam Kumar commented 2021-04-12
Mobile kho gayi hai


09198838268 or +919198838268

Sidhanta commented 2021-04-12
Who called me?


09726294389 or +919726294389

Natvarsinh commented 2021-04-12
Who is calling me?


07038535421 or +917038535421

Anilkumar commented 2021-04-11
Who owns this number?


09839016544 or +919839016544

Jeevan Gautam commented 2021-04-11
They are probably scammers, they call and are silent.